Gemstones like emeralds and graphite  are  abundantly in existence especially but these  are mainly mined at a small scale level.  

On the other hand, Isoka district could be a new mining town in the next few years once exploration of phosphate and Rare Earth Elements (REE) at Nkombwa Hill swings into full-scale production. Phosphate is a major component in fertiliser production whilst Rare Earth Elements (REE) are used in components for mobile phones and television sets. 






Images Source – THE POTENTIAL OF MINERAL EXPLORATION IN ZAMBIA (By Mr. Evaristo Kasumba and Mr. Chaanza Chifwepa)

Gold & Diamond

Mafinga District has some gemstones such as Gold and Diamond although not being exploited.


Exploration of coal in Mafinga district (Mukutu Ward) by SANHE Coal Exploration Company Ltd was done but actual mining activities are yet to commence.


The district has rich deposit of manganese ore which is usually mined and transported to Serenje and Mkushi for processing


Phosphate traces are also found in Isoka District; phosphate is a major component in fertilizer production. Once exploitations are done, Isoka district could be a new mining town in the next few years.


Mpika district has traces of copper and a number of firms have already carried out exploration activities.