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Demographic and Cultural Characteristics

Total Population

In Muchinga Province the population captured during the 2010 Census of Population and Housing was 711,657. This represents an increase of 35.8 percent from the population of 524,186 captured during the 2000 Census. The 2016 projected population of the province stands at more than 900,000 (CSO, 2010).

Population Age and Sex Structure – 2017

Muchinga province generally has a youthful population as is reflected in the population pyramid below. The population is generally expected to have a similar structure in 2017 and the projected 2030 shown by the pyramid below:

Fig 1.2: Super-imposed Population Pyramids for 2017 and 2013

Source: Population Pyramid developed by PPU from CSO Population projections

Population Distribution

Of the total provincial population, 83.0 percent are in rural areas and 17.0 percent in urban areas. At district level, Mpika District has the largest percent share of the total provincial population with 28.6 percent. Chinsali District is second with 20.6 percent share, while Nakonde District is third at 16.8 percent share of the provincial population. The district with the least share of the population in the province was Mafinga District with 9.3 percent.

2035 Population Projection

The population is projected to be more than double reaching at 1,800,000 by the year 2035 with females slightly being more than males.

Fig 1.3: 2035 Population Projection

Source: Developed by PPU from CSO Population projections