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Provincial Administration


 Central & local

 The province is headed by a Provincial Minister appointed by the President. The Minister is the political head of the province. The administrative head of the province is the Permanent Secretary, who is also appointed by the President. Muchinga Province is divided into nine districts, namely, Chama District, Chinsali District, Isoka District, Mafinga District, Mpika District, Nakonde District , Shiwang’andu District,Lavushimanda District and Kanchibiya District. All the district headquarters are the same as the district names.

Political Leadership

There are seven councils in the province, each of which is headed by an elected representative called Chairperson for district councils and Mayor for the only Municipal Council – Chinsali. Each elected Head of the Council holds office for a period of years. Muchinga is a predominantly rural province and hence there are no city councils. All the councils are district councils except Chinsali which was bestowed the Municipal status on account of it being the provincial capital for the province.

The Province is divided into ninety seven (97) wards and ten (10) constituencies. A ward is headed by a Councillor whilst a constituency is headed by a Member of Parliament both of which are elected for a period of five years along-side the elected representatives for councils. The following are the wards and constituencies. Mpika district has three constituencies namely Kanchibiya, Mfuwe and Mpika Central which have ten (10), five (5) and eight (8) wards respectively among them. Chinsali district only has one constituency which fallows the district boundary with a total number of eleven (11) wards. Shiwang’andu, Isoka, Mafinga, Nakonde districts also have one constituency each fallowing the district boundaries with eleven (11), nine (9), eight (8) and thirteen (13) wards respectively. Chama district has two constituencies namely Chama North and Chama South constituencies with twelve (12) and ten (10) wards respectively.