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Trade and Investment

Muchinga’s Suitability for Investment

Muchinga province is an ideal investment destination because:

  • The province has very good weather second to none in the country and probably the entire Southern African region.
  • The soils are good and equally the rainfall is equally reliable. Being under regions IIa and III of the agro-ecological zones, the province has the best rain pattern in the country.
  • The province has abundant wildlife and forest resource.
  •  The province has a very rich cultural background with a very friendly people.
  • In terms of accessibility to markets, Zambia is centrally located with easy access to the ports of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Durban in South Africa.
  • The province is crime free and investors are rest assured their investment will be very safe.  

Recent Private Sector Investment in the Province – ZamPalm

ZamPalm, is a newly created subsidiary of Zambeef Products and is located in Mpika district of Muchinga Province.  ZamPalm has a 20,000 hectare plantation which was set up in Mpika. It will process around 100,000 tonnes of palm oil per annum when fully operational. The establishment of the plantation in 2009 was in response to government’s call for national food security, poverty alleviation, need for import substitution, employment creation and job creation. Out of the 20,000 hectares of land for ZamPalm, the project currently has 370, 900 palmson an area of 2, 612 hectares. A crushing mill with the capacity of processing two-tonnes-per hour has already been installed while plans for two more mills are underway that will bring oil production to 17,000 tonnes per year in the near future.

ZAMBEEF, the mother company has so far invested US $ 21 million fromthe expected total cost of US $40 million. The company’s medium to long term vision is to incorporate 5000 out-grower around the estate and a further 8000 within the district.

Palm oil is the world’s most used vegetable oil and has many different uses in addition to cooking oil. Palm oil and its derivatives are found in foods such as margarines and ice cream, used as a thickener, preservative and antioxidant; as well as in personal care products such as shampoo, and cosmetics, industrial products such as lubricants paints and inks; and as a renewable fuel.