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The Zambian health system begins with Health posts which serve small communities both in rural and urban areas. The next level is a Rural Health Center for rural areas and Urban Health Center for urban areas both of which act as a referral point from the Health Post. Thereafter, there are level 1, 2 and 3 hospitals with level 3 being the biggest referral hospital in a province. The province has a total of 116 health facilities comprising one (1) Level 2 hospital, five (5) level 1 hospitals, four (4) urban health centers, sixty nine (69) rural health centers and thirty seven (37) health posts. There is currently no level 3 hospital in the province and only one level 2 hospital in Mpika which is the overall referral point for all health centers in that district. Each of the districts has a at least a level 3 hospital except for Mafinga and Shiwang’andu whose hospitals are still under construction. Most of the health facilities in the province are in rural areas where the majority of the population resides. The highest cause of morbidity and mortality in the province is malaria.