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About Muchinga


Muchinga Province which was created in November 2011 is located in the northeast of the country and borders with Tanzania in the north, Malawi in the east, Eastern Province in the east, Central Province in the southwest, Luapula Province in the west, and Northern Province in the northwest. The administrative center of the province is Chinsali.

The name of the province originates from the Muchinga Escarpment; on which it predominantly sits. The province is elongated from southwest to northeast and is located on both sides of the Muchinga Mountains (Muchinga Escarpment).

The main rivers of the province are the Luangwa River, a major tributary of the Zambezi, and the Chambeshi River, a tributary of Lake Bangweulu, in the drainage basin of the Congo.

There are three main national parks, namely: Lavushi Manda National Park, North

Luangwa National Park, and South Luangwa National Park. The latter is shared with Eastern and Central Provinces.

His Excellence President Michael Chilufya Sata announced the creation of Muchinga Province in October 2011. The creation of Muchinga province was announced by His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata in October 2011. In November 2011, the president appointed Honourable Malozo Sichone (MP), Member of Parliament for Isoka West Constituency as first Muchinga Province Minister. Parliament later approved the creation of the province.

Originally, the province consisted of six districts. Chama District was detached from the Eastern Province, and Chinsali, Isoka, Mpika, Mafinga and Nakonde districts were detached from the Northern Province. In 2013, Shiwang√°ndu was created by splitting Chinsali District into two bringing the total number of districts to seven.