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  • Shiwang’andu was created following the partitioning of Chinsali District on February13, 2013. It is named after Lake Ishiba Ng’andu which means lake of the royal crocodile in the local Bemba Language.

General Physical Characteristics

  • It also has got savanna type of grass and woodlands.

Demographic Characteristics

The District has a population density of 9.5 inhabitants per square km. According to the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, the district had a population of 59,795 people with an annual population growth rate of 1.3 Percent.

Communication and Power –

  • The district has a One (1) Mega Watt Mini Hydro Power station
  • Hydroelectric power is extended to administrative centre and surrounding schools, health centres and communities’ courtesy of Rural Electrification Authority (REA),
  • MTN, Airtel and Zamtel Mobile Telecommunication coverage available,
  • The district has a private air strip for medium airplanes,

Road Network

  • Great North Road passes through the district

Tourist Attractions

  • Shiwang’andu Estate

Shiwang’andu Estate is without doubt one of the most fascinating and unique destinations in Zambia.

  • Kapishya Hot springs

Kapishya hot spring is an exquisite natural hot spring surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and raffia palms. The hot water bubbles out from the white sands of clear pool and flows into the Manshya river.

  • Chusa falls

Some 10kms downstream from where the Manshya river runs past the hot springs. The falls are made up of a series of three steps, each three or four meters high. Rafting can be done here over the many rapids.

  • Nachipala Bareback hill

A3 hour walk to the summit gives a magnificent view of Lake Shiwang’andu. Dr David Livingstone took his bearings from here in 1867.

  • Shiwa Lake Boat Trip

A full or half day boat trip on rubber rafts is offered, cruising around the lake, birdwatching and taking in the spectacular sunrise or sunset. The full day trip takes guests from the lake down the Manshya River over some small rapids and back to Kapishya Camp. Fishing trips are also available on the lake.