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C h i n s a l i


Chinsali is the Provincial Capital of Muchinga Province located in the North West of Zambia. It covers an area of 6,105 km2 of which the planning boundary as shown below.

Constituency and Wards

The District has one Constituency with four (4) wards namely; Lubwa, Lubu, Ichinga and Nkakula

Physical Characteristics

  • The Northern, Eastern and Southern parts have got the highlands of the Muchinga escarpment whose plateau slopes diagonally from the North-east to South-West at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,800 metres above sea level.
  • About 30km West of Chinsali is the Chambeshi River

Demographic Characteristics

According to the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, the District had a population of 86,723 people with an annual population growth rate of 1.3 percent.The District has a population density of 14.2 per square kilometre. By the year 2020, the population is projected to grow in excess of 108,426 people.

Soil and Vegetation

The predominant type of soil is loam and alluvium soils. In terms of vegetation the district has Savannah type of grass and woodlands.

Socio-economic Infrastructure


The District is connected to the National Grid for electricity supply through ZESCO Limited. The town has three Filling Service Stations for petrol, diesel, oil and other lubricants. The Tanzania-Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) is and passes through Chinsali.


Chinsali is connected to ZAMTEL, Airtel and MTN telecommunication infrastructure making it easy for people to access information by landline phones, mobile phones and internet. Other modes of communication include the Post Office for Zambia Postal Services.


Chinsali District is a transitory town where the Great North Road (TZ) passes through to Tanzania. The Town is also connected to Kasama, Northern Province through Mulilansolo road via Mbesuma Pontoon and Safwa road via Safwa Pontoon.

Water Supply and Sanitation

Township water supply and sanitation services in the District is provided by Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company (CWSCo). Through piped water system. The Chinsali Municipal Council is tasked with providing water supply and sanitation services in rural areas through boreholes, permanent wells and Ventilated Pit Latrines.

Broadcasting Services

Chinsali has two (2) local Radio Stations namely ‘Muchinga FM’ and Delight Kwitonta FM. However, the District is also able to receive radio and television signals from Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Multichoice (DSTV), MUVI Television and Star Times.  Currently, Chinsali is constructing its own radio and television studios for ZNBC.


Health Facilities

Currently, Chinsali District has a District Hospital, thirteen (13) Rural Health Centres and 2 Health Posts.

Chinsali District is also undergoing construction of the Chinsali General Hospital earmarked for completion in May 2020.


Tertiary Education:  

KapasaMakasa University and University of Zambia Open Distance Learning Offices. Also under construction is Paul Mushindo University

Lower Education:            

The District Education Board Secretariat (DEBS) has 133 Schools comprising 121 Middle Basic Schools, 8 Upper Basic Schools and 4 High Schools.

Financial Institutions

The financial institutions available in the district include Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO), Indo-Zambia Bank, National Savings and Credit Bank (NatSave) AtlasMara Bank. Other institutions offering financial services at a small scale include the Zambia Postal Services (ZAMPOST), Goodfellow Distributors Limited, Izwe Loans, Micro-Finance and Tottengram Zambia.

Shopping Malls

Chinsali has no shopping malls. However, small scale shops exist to serve the local people and tourists.

Hospitality Industry

Chinsali is a historic town as it is the birth place of the first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and also home to historic burial sites and Chipoma Waterfalls. This has driven the private sector to construct executive lodges in Chinsali. These lodges offer competitive accommodation services. These lodges also offer cultural and modern entertainment to their respective clients

Potential Areas for Investment in Chinsali

Chinsali’s competitive advantage lies in its strategic location as the gateway Provincial headquarters to the important port of Dar es Salaam, good climatic conditions coupled with abundant natural resources for agriculture, fisheries and livestock farming, forestry and energy development. These sub sectors provide an equal opportunity to would be investors both local and international.


The main source of livelihood for the people of Chinsali is farming. The District has rich soils for growing of crops such as maize, cassava, sorghum, sweet potatoes, beans, sugarcane and millet. Over 90% of the farmers in the area are small scale presenting a unique opportunity for investors to invest in commercial agriculture. Being the gateway to the Great Lakes Region, the market for agricultural produce is guaranteed.

Fisheries and Livestock Development

Chinsali is endowed with water bodies such as the Chambeshi River and Lubu River which are perennial in nature. The availability of such water bodies is a source for investment in large scale Aquaculture and establishment of primary and value chain in the fisheries industry in Chinsali District. The market for fish is overwhelming both locally and in the region.

The District is also ideal for establishment of animal ranching. Investment in cattle ranching and goat rearing is a must due to the district being animal disease free and green pastures for animal grazing. The market for goat meat is huge especially exporting to the Great Lakes Region and the Middle East.


Chinsali District has favourable climatic conditions for investment in agro-forestry and processing. The district has four forest reserves with a total land area of 19,629.60 ha. The rest of the area is open forest. Thus, there is need to invest in Forestry.  The following are possible investments in the forestry sector in Chinsali District:

  • Investment in forestry management i.e. Afforestation and reforestation;
  • Investment in large scale tree plantations of trees such as Pine, Mukula, Eucalyptus, Jatropha;
  • Orchard establishments and fruit plantations is one of the possible priorities in Chinsali District;
  • Establishment of a Timber Production Company is also a potential investment through timber value chains;


Potential tourist attractions found include the Chipoma Waterfalls located about 26 kilometres south of Chinsali Town Centre, Lubwa Mission (birth place of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, first President of the Republic of Zambia), Lenshina shrine Alice Lenshina Burial Place Leader of the Lumpa Church and cultural activities fostered through culture dancing groups.These tourist attractions provide opportunities for investment in the hospitality industry.


Quarrying and Sand mining activities for building and road construction are the current aspects related to mining, in Chinsali District. However, the municipality has traces of precious stones and rare earth minerals, Diamond and Titanium that can be exploited for possible investments in small and large scale mining.

The Provincial Administration is ready to facility provision of mineral maps for any potential investors in the mining sector.

Alternative Sources of Energy

The location of Chinsali makes it ideal for investment in alternative sources of energy. The Muchinga Escarpment provides the much needed wind for generation of wind energy. Generally, the District and Province is endowed with enough sunlight throughout the day and this is ideal for solar energy. The deficit of hydropower electricity coupled with the intermittent supply of hydroelectricity makes Chinsali and Muchinga Province at large, the number one hotspot for investment in alternative sources of energy generation such as Solar and Wind Energy.