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Historical Sites

Other places of tourism importance in the province are historical sites which include the following:

  • Lubwa Mission in Chinsali district – Birth place of Zambia’s first Republican President; Dr Kenneth Kaunda. 


  • Old Fife in Nakonde district – Old Fife is a historic place established in 1895 when it served as a boma under the British colony. Here, the British and the German fought during the World War 1 (WW1) and many casualties were buried in mass graves. The prominent grave is that of Major Heinrich Von Berg a German Commander. Old Fife was also a Military Training Camp and to date still has war trenches, ammunition cartridges.


  • Lenshina Burial Place in Chinsali district – Alice Lenshina was a Christian religious leader who founded the Lumpa Church. in Chinsali district of the northern province of Northern Rhodesia. The church’s drive for membership was so aggressive that it was seen as a political threat by the colonial Northern Rhodesia government. The conflict between the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and the Lumpa Church reached a climax in July to October in 1964, just befo re Northern Rhodesia’s independence. On July 24, 1964 a gunbattle broke out between UNIP and Lumpa Church members. The resulting riots were only quelled by the intervention of State troops, and the proclamation of a state of emergency by the new pre-independence Prime Minister, Kenneth Kaunda. About a thousand people died in the clashes between Lumpa Church adherents, UNIP’s members and the security forces. Approximately 15,000 Lumpa Church members fled and took refuge in Congo, some of them never returned to Zambia. The Lumpa Church was banned on 3 August 1964 and Lenshina surrendered to police a few days later. Lenshina never faced a trial but was detained by Kenneth Kaunda in Mumbwa district with her husband, who later died in 1972.  Alice Lenshina was later released from detention in December 1975 but was put under house arrest in Lusaka’s New Chilenje compound. She died on 7 December 1978 while under house arrest and was eventually buried at Kasomo village in Chinsali  in a concrete structure.


  • Mwenzo Mission in Nakonde district – This was the Pioneer Mission for the United Church of Zambia in the Province.  The station was established in 1898 by Rev. James Alexander Chrisholm of the Free Church of Scotland . At Mwenzo the first Post Office building in Zambia was built in 1900. A doctor’s house was built in 1909 and a church was later built in 1914 and other historic structures. This site is rich with history and architectural beauty.


  • Zwangendaba’s Grave in Nakonde district  – The ravaging wars of Shaka Zulu of South Africa, commonly referred to as Mfecane caused mass migration of weaker tribes and communities in search of peace. Among the people that ran away from Shaka were Zwangendaba and his Ngoni people.  In 1831, he crossed into Zambia at Zumbo and went into fipaland (present Tanzania). However, due to fierce wars he turned with his people into Zambia again and died in 1848 and was buried in Nakonde district on the Nakonde-Mbala Road, about 1 km south of Nachipeta School.


  • Nachikufu Cave in Mpika district – The Cave is a pre-historic archaeological site located about 80 kilometers from Mpika towards Serenje.and less than half a Km to the west, off the Great North road. The site was used by the Bisa and the Lala during the Bemba and Ngoni raids in pre-colonial era as a hide-out. It also consists of valuable archaeological and scientific information that dates to about 15,000 years ago.