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The Province has a total of 700 learning institutions which includes; Primary schools both public and private; and Secondary Schools; one (1) Trades Training Institute (yet to be opened) and one (1) University. The total number of primary schools is six hundred and forty seven (647) whilst secondary schools are fifty three (53). Out of the total 647 primary schools, six hundred and three (603) are in rural areas whilst forty four (44) are in urban areas. Out of the 53 secondary schools, forty four (44) are in rural areas whilst nine (9) are in urban areas.

Above: Part of the Infrastructure at Robert Makasa University in Chinsali, the Provincial Capital.

Table 5.1:        State of Education in Muchinga province

Number of Schools Total 700
Type of School Primary 647
Secondary 53
Number of Students Total 230,930
School Phase Primary 196,553
Secondary 34,377
Number of Teacher Total 4,958
School Phase Primary 3,726
  Secondary 1,232
Pupil Teacher Ratio Primary 52.8
  Secondary 27.9
Number of Classrooms Total 3,769
Structure Permanent 2,696
Incomplete 515
Temporal 552

Source: 2015 Ministry of General Education Statistical Bulletin