Mpika, June 20,2024, ZANIS—Government says Micheal Chilufya Sata Hospital in Mpika District has done a tremendous job in addressing issues of maternal deaths through blood and drug availability.

This came to light when a team from the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) in the company of Mpika District Commissioner David Siame and District Health officials visited the hospital to appreciate its operations.

Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) lead for Communication and Outreach Besa Kyanamina said the hospital should be commended for reducing maternal deaths to only one since 2023.

Ms Kyanamina said that the new equipment at the Blood Bank procured by the Ministry of Health for blood storage purposes has helped in the availability of blood at the hospital.

“This is important to us because with prenatal care and postnatal care it is important that you have blood availability, we were told that prior, they had to go to Chinsali to get blood, but now blood is available at the facility,” Ms Kyanamina said.

She further said that the drug availability at the hospital is now at 75 percent from the previous 30 percent adding that this is a great improvement.

Ms Kyanamina added that with the construction of the mother’s shelter and maternity annex, the hospital will have improved bed spaces for the mothers.

And Mpika District Commissioner David Siame said that the selection of Mpika as one of the blood transfusion centres in the province is a milestone.

“This means that Mpika District can cater for Lavushimanda and Kanchibiya Districts,” Mr Siame said.

Mr Siame said that the District Administration is delighted that Micheal Sata Hospital has recorded a reduction in the number of maternal deaths.

Meanwhile, Micheal Chilufya Sata Hospital Medical Superintendent Wamala Simukoko said the hospital recorded five (5) maternal deaths in 2023 and these were due to haemorrhage.

Dr Simukoko said that the provincial health office swiftly came in and provided some intervention to cushion the lack of blood at the hospital.

“We are lucky that we are now designated as a blood bank to service Mpika, Kanchibiya and Lavushimanda,” Dr Simukoko said.

He mentioned that blood availability has helped the hospital see a reduction in the number of maternal deaths.