Uphold KK Legacy, Urges Former Mayor For Chinsali

Various stakeholders in Chinsali District in Muchinga Province have called on Zambians to honour the legacy of the First republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda by upholding love, peace and unity at all times.

Former Chinsali Mayor Thomas Mutale says Zambians should look back at what Dr Kaunda did by reflecting on the freedom that every individual is enjoying.

Mr Mutale told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) that there is a need to celebrate KK day in order to recall his contribution to mother Zambia.

“We all know what Dr Kaunda did for us and we should celebrate his day with love, peace and unity as we are one Zambia One Nation, we should not politicise this day,” he said.

He explained that politicising the day will not bring peace and unity in the country adding that Dr Kaunda was a noble leader whose life should be celebrated for his contribution to the development of the country.

“If we look back, KK suffered much to liberate mother Zambia which was not easy at that time, people died and some slept in the bush just because they had a nation at heart,” Mr Mutale said.

He mentioned some of the great achievements that Dr Kaunda introduced during his reign as the Great North Road and free education which saw most Zambians benefit from.

“Other things that Dr Kaunda did was to bring all the tribes together so that they can co-exist, he also brought the Zambia Tanzania Railway (TAZARA) which was a good decision,” he added.

He further said that Dr Kaunda will not only be remembered by Zambians but by the entire African countries in all he did.

Meanwhile, the United Party for National Development (UPND) Provincial Chairperson Lovewell Nsofwa has described Dr Kenneth Kaunda as a man of action.

Mr Nsofwa said Dr Kaunda implemented every programme he initiated in order to develop the country.

He said some of the projects that were being implemented by Dr Kaunda are also being implemented by the UPND government which most people are happy with.

Mr Nsofwa said following in the footsteps of Dr Kaunda, the UPND government introduced free education to ensure the vulnerable are educated adding the revamping of the mines and recruiting of the young people in various sectors.

He said as the country celebrates Kenneth Kaunda Day on 28th April there is a need to reflect on the contribution and hard work made by the gallant late former President.

And a Chinsali youth Mutale Mwamba told ZANIS in an interview that KK day should not just be a mere formality holiday or celebration but a moment for every citizen to seriously learn from the life of Zambia’s gallant founding President.

Mr Mwamba said the young people who are the future leaders of mother Zambia should learn from the history of KK, adding that Zambia can only be developed if the young people work together to bring development rather than engaging themselves in bad acts.

“We the young people should be the KK for tomorrow, we should not be used by these politicians to get involved in their politics,” he said.

This year’s KK Day will be celebrated under the theme KK@100, Celebrating the Life of a Legend, in honour of Zambia’s first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.