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Muchinga Province is located in the northeast of the country and was created in the   year 2011 after detaching it from mother province – Northern Province. The province shares borders with Luapula Province in the west, Northern Province in the northwest, Eastern Province in the east and Central Province in the southwest. It also shares international boundaries with Tanzania in the north and Malawi in the east. The name of the province originates from the Muchinga Escarpment; on which it predominantly sits. The province elongates from southwest to northeast and is located on both sides of the Muchinga Mountains (Muchinga Escarpment).

The province is headed by a Provincial Minister appointed by the President. The Minister is the political head of the province. The administrative head of the province is the Permanent Secretary, who is also appointed by the President. Muchinga Province is divided into nine districts, namely, Chama District, Chinsali District, Isoka District, Mafinga District, Mpika District, Nakonde District , Shiwang’andu District,Lavushimanda District and Kanchibiya District. All the district headquarters are the same as the district names.

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